- Open image(s)

  - Set scale (Menu → Analyze → Set Scale...).

  - Select a region to count (e.g. the whole nerve)

  - Run the GRatio plugin from the plugins menu

  - In the dialog box choose the number of axons you want to count and press RETURN

  - In the next dialog double check the correct scale and press RETURN

  - You will now see a little red cross at random position in your image

  - If it is not placed inside an axon (including myelin) press ESCAPE

  - Otherwise draw the outer mylin border and pres ESCAPE when done

  - Now draw the inner myelin border and press ESCAPE

  - You will see the next little red cross .....

  - If you use this software or if you have suggestions/comments/request, 
    please drop me an email:  

  - Maybe cite this paper